Income Tax, ROC, ePFO, Pdf Invoice Signing, TDS Certificate, etc…
Only Rs.1000/-


eTendering, IRCTC eTiketing, Patents & Tradmark, IEC Gate, etc… Only Rs.3500/-


Import Export Licencensing, e-filing of Director General of Foreign Trade Only Rs. 3500/-


ePass2003 / mToken /
Only Rs. 180/-

Who we are...?

Karmans or Ask DSC both are professionally managed company. Our both companies are successfully working since 2009. Because of our hard work & honesty. we operates under the guidelines set by Information Technology Act. With more than one Lac certificates are issued.

Karmans caters to all kinds of subscribers who use Digital Certificates for Income Tax, MCA (ROC), e-Tenders, Foreign Trade, Banking, Railways and many other needs. We are authorized dealer {RA} of Sify-Safe Scrypt, eMudhra, Pantasign, & Vsign - we can issue the DSC's as per your choice. Also we are providing eTokens - ePass2003 or Watchdata Proxkey or mToken as per your choice. In very competitive price.

We are the direct dealers so we can provide the wholesale rate for our partners.

Why Karmans so Trusted...?

In this market there are so many Digital Signature provider they all are associated with some other business such as (CA/CS, Tax Consultants, Software Dealers, Financial & Insurance Adviser, Lawyers etc…). Note this point because, YOU PROVIDING… your clients complete DATA ( mobile number, email ID & Address ) & they use this data for their personal business purpose. Then is it safe to continue with them...? Think again….

YES we are not doing any other business rather than providing Digital Signature. So we are not shere your data to any other & We do not even bother calling your clients for their personal business.

Digital Signature

Fastest Approval & Timely Delivery. (100% same or next day). Well Educated Technical support team. Given credit system to our Resellers. (monthly billing). Providing training to our Partners - How to process & download the DSC. Providing training to our Vendors - How to eTender in such site…

Is an electronic security mark. Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent (that is electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. Examples of physical certificates are drivers' licenses, passports or membership cards. Certificates serve as a proof of identity of an individual for a certain purpose; for example, a driver's license identifies someone who can legally drive in a particular country.

Likewise, a digital certificate can be presented electronically to prove your identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally.

Digital Signature Certificate contains your name, a serial number, expiration dates and the DSC-issuing by authority (CA) so that a recipient can verify that the certificate is real & verify that whose signature is attached to the document and that the message has not been altered either intentionally or accidentally from the time it was signed. Also the signer of a document cannot latter disown it by claiming that the signature was forged.

Digital Signature reduces paper consumption as well as costs of transmission and storage.

A Digital Signature Certificate authenticates your identity electronically. It also provides you with a high level of security for your online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy of the information exchanged using a digital certificate. You can use certificates to encrypt information such that only the intended recipient can read it. You can digitally sign information to assure the recipient that it has not been changed in transit, and also verify your identity as the sender of the message.

A licensed Certifying Authority (CA) issues the digital signature. Certifying Authority (CA) means a person who has been granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000. Here are the some provider - Sify Safe Scrypt - nCode - eMudhra - Vsign - Pantasign - Caprycorn

Digital Signatures are legally admissible in a Court of Law, as provided under the provisions of IT.

A digital signature comes with two keys – a public key and a private key. These keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the shared data. The owner can share his/her public key which is used to encrypt information. This information can be decrypted only with an appropriate key. Without a key to decrypt the message, the encrypted data cannot be read by any unauthorised user. Certificate owners should save their private key in a secure manner.

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